Refined Quality, Timeless Style.

Turn heads wherever you go. Hyperspd CR5 blends classic design elements with modern technology for a stunningly retro-futuristic look that keeps up with modern times. And with its robust frame, automotive grade parts, you can rest assured that your ride will be looking just as good in 10 years’ time.

Go the Distance

Range anxiety? No more. Hyperspd CR5’s large 2880Wh battery offers a long range of up to 60 miles — so you can cover your daily commute, run your errands, and have a bit of riding fun before the sun sets, all on a single charge.

Integrated with Your Smartphone

The Hyperspd CR5 comes with a dedicated mobile app, allowing you to control your e-bike from the comfort of your smartphone. Manage speed, power output, provide multi-user access, track your e-bike and more — all with just a few taps.

Empowering Safe and Transparent Travel

The Hyperspd CR5 is a secure and safety-oriented transportation solution. Users have the flexibility to adjust their bike's power and speed to adhere to local laws, eliminating concerns about legality. Additionally, for less experienced riders, the throttle can be customized to match their skill level. As the owner, you can even establish a geofence to control where the bike can travel, providing peace of mind when others, like family and friends, use it.

A New Way to Ride

Forget about that old-school hand signaling. Equipped with all the essentials of a full-blown motorcycle, you'll effortlessly blend in with traffic, riding in both style and safety.

More Secure than a Car

Thieves may try. But they won’t succeed. All thanks to CR5’s integrated computer control system and advanced anti-theft measures. With features like a fingerprint lock that only activates upon your approach, a wheel immobilizer that secures your wheels in your absence, an integrated alarm system, and GPS tracking capabilities, your ride is always secure and connected for a total peace of mind.

Peace of Mind

Fingerprint ID

Technical Specifications