Right to repair

Hyperspd stands firmly behind the Right to Repair, and our CR5 is the embodiment of this principle. We've crafted the CR5 using readily available motorcycle parts and off-the-shelf electric drivetrain components, ensuring easy servicing at any motorcycle shop. Our commitment to modularity means you can personalize your ride with ease. Want aftermarket suspension? Upgrade the motor? Change the motor controller? You have the freedom to make it your own.

Our user-replaceable battery pack breaks free from proprietary systems. Batteries age, and technology advances. The CR5 empowers you to swap in new battery packs as needed, and the modular battery compartment can even accommodate larger batteries, all with basic hand tools in your garage.

With the Hyperspd CR5, you're not just getting a motorcycle; you're unlocking an experience that celebrates your individuality. Embrace the freedom to ride your way, knowing you can adapt and customize your CR5 as your heart desires. Join us in redefining what it means to own a motorcycle. Experience the CR5 – where innovation meets personalization.