Electrify Expo Austin

Hey guys! Nati from Hyperspd here. So I got invited by the US State Dept to come out to Austin for some business matching, and it just so happens that Electrify Expo is happening while I’m here! I got some free industry passes to check out the event because they want me to show the CR5 at their various Electrify Expo events next year. Apparently their staff saw the CR5 marketing campaign and thought the bikes looked awesome, naturally😏
They have a bunch of electric cars, which we could test drive on the F1 track, as well as some electric motorcycles and e-bikes. The atmosphere was nice, a lot of families, and the Ebike testing area had a good crowd with people trying the bikes out.
I personally tried out the Super73 and the Volcom grunt, which seemed to be the most popular. Interestingly the Volcom queue was all for their motorcycles, no one really wanted to ride the e-bikes. I did have two people from my delegation ride the Volcom e-bikes and they didn’t like em, but they did like the Super73s as they were more comfy to use. The grunt motorcycle wasn’t my cup of tea after I rode it. Volcom is making an smaller emotorcycle called the runt, but maybe they went too small as it’s tiny. The booth rep said it was for kids which would explain the tiny part 😏

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