Will the CR5 be a reality or just a dream?

A question I got from Facebook:
"Nati Sang is your bike going to be a reality or just a dream at the moment? I’m (sic) can’t fathom putting money down for a bike that’s not close to production I say that cause it seems people have been getting burned on putting money down for bikes that are never going to see the light off day. I know your asking for a small amount but it’s still money at the end of the day. Just wanted to know sorry not trying to sound rude I like your bike but I don’t want to get my hopes up."

Beto Rodriguez Well of course anyone asked that question would say yes, it will be a reality.
But let me add to that: The CR5 is NOT a prototype. It has moved wayyy beyond that stage. We have gone from prototype to 95% ready for mass production. The only thing left to do mechanically is make the injection molds for stuff like the charge port housing. We are already producing the next gen of computer controller system that is ready for mass production. We have refined the hell out of the CR5 so it's dead simple to make. (Unlike what I'm reading about other brands that went with some exotic manufacturing techniques which ended up making the bike unproduceable)
We chose as many off the shelf parts as possible to make it easy to source when we need to go to full blown production.
I think the major difference between what Hyperspd is doing and the rest are, we started with thinking of how to mass produce first, and went through all the years of development process before we even showed the bike to anyone. We embedded ourselves in the Asian supply chain from the very get go to ensure that we were making a producible bike.
It was a BIG leap of faith on my part. I had to scrounge up every single chip I had and go all in on Hyperspd.
But i now understand, a lot of people have gotten burnt by bad companies doing bad business practices. I can see why people are hesitant to fund the CR5. But we aren't one of those companies that will scam you, and I hope it shows. If you guys fund the bikes, you WILL get them.
But I'll do better than that, if you reserve the bike and don't get them, I will absolutely refund everyone's money. If what we are making isn't up to your liking anymore, just say so and you will get your money back. Every single penny.
I just want to make awesome vehicles that people love. Burning supporters out of their hard earned money from the very beginning does not accomplish that.
That's Hyperspd.
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